Bleher Folientechnik Inkjetfilm-IPF-HS

Inkjet film-IPF

Film Replacement for Reprographics

All our optimont® inkjet films are made of heat-resistant BOPET (biaxially oriented PET).

Whether templates for screen printing, clichés for pad printing, printing plates for flexo or offset printing: optimont® IPF-HS is the optimal solution when high-quality reprofilms are to be produced on modern inkjet printers.

The biaxially oriented polyester film used as carrier ensures optimal flatness, can be perfectly placed on the printing form and, if necessary, vacuumized and thus contributes enormously to avoiding hollow exposures.

In addition, the film is practically shrink and distortion-free and stays in register even during longer archiving. The microporous ink receptive layer dries quickly even with high ink application. The prints do not bleed out, convince with excellent edge sharpness, lowest possible dot gain and high optical and above all excellent UV density. The optical impression is also perfect: the printed areas are homogeneous and without any yards.
Prints on Optimont ® IPF-HS can be further processed without loss of time. Thanks to improved scratch resistance, they are safe and easy to handle.
Since the UV density depends primarily on the printer ink used and the amount of ink applied, we recommend the use of Canon Lucia or Epson UltraChrome pigment ink systems.

Product features:

- Virtually shrink and distortion free
- Archivable and reusable
- Stays in register
- Best possible vacuum behaviour
- Excellent UV density
- Excellent edge sharpness
- No bleeding
- Good visual impression for safe control
- Improved scratch resistance
- Secure handling


Rolls + Sheets

Marc-Derek Ammer, Produkt Manager

Telefonnummer+49 71 52 - 99 77 3-18

Product Description Examples of use Delivery form Strength (µm)
optimont® IPF-HS

PET film biaxially oriented, crystal-clear, as positive film with very high resolution, microporous

Technical data sheet
Film replacement for reprographics and screen printing short rolls from 30m
135, 165

User guideline:

1. Suitable printing conditions: Temperature 15–30 °C at relative humidity 30–60 %.

2. Ink and printer: Dye based and pigmented inks are compatible.

3. Recommended to leave the materials away from water drops, dust and finger prints.

4. To optimize the print quality, the printer has to be set for highest print quality.

Storage instruction:

Ambiet temperature and humidity can affect the conditions of the product.

1. Suitable storage conditions: Temperature 15–25 °C at relative humidity 50 %.

2. After use the rolls should be stored in their original packaging, protected from direct sunlight (UV-light).