Bleher Folientechnik Syntheticpaper


Water-Resistant and Laser-Printable BO-PET-Film

optimont® Syntheticpaper combines two advantages in one product: the printability of paper and the physical robustness of PET films.

Our synthetic paper was developed for printed materials that have to withstand extreme stress. The optimont® synthetic paper is manufactured on the basis of a white, opaque, heat-resistant BOPET film. The surface of the PET film has a matt coating and is suitable for all toner-based printing systems, such as copiers and laser printers. This film enables high-quality colour prints with attractive colour brilliance, good running properties and maximum mechanical resistance.


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Product Description Examples of use Delivery form Strength (µm)
optimont® Syntheticpaper

White-opaque, heat-resistant, water-resistant, laser-printable BOPET film, 2 sides matt-coated

Printable in copiers and laser printers; can be used e.g. for price tags, labels, maps, lift passes, etc.; ideal for outdoor use reels
special formats
120, 140, 190, 270
optimont® Syntheticpaper AD

White-opaque, heat-resistant, water-resistant, laser-printable BOPET film; 1 side matt-coated, toner-pretreated, self-adhesive

Printable in copiers and laser printers; can be used e.g. for price tags, labels, maps, diving maps, lift passes, etc.; ideal for outdoor use DIN A4

Applications and specifications for optimont® Syntheticpaper

The optimont® Syntheticpaper can be processed in the single sheet feeder as well as in the batch processing of copiers and laser printers.

optimont® Syntheticpaper is suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising materials such as placards, menus, admission and identity cards, city maps, ski passes, parking tickets, manuals, labels and markers of all kinds in the packaging sector

Our optimont® Syntheticpaper is cut exactly into the following standard formats with our specially developed format cutting machines:

210 x 297 mm - DIN A4 297 x 420 mm - DIN A3 SRA3

We offer the standard formats DIN A4 and DIN A3 packed to 100 sheets in neutral, white slip lid boxes or with your individual brand design. SRA3 and special formats are packed in brown folding boxes of 200 to 300 sheets each.


What does heat resistant mean?

All our films are heat resistant up to at least 200 °C. The melting point of BOPET and thus of our synthetic paper is approx. 265 °C. Our films can be used in all standard copiers and laser printers without the film damaging your equipment.

What are the special properties of Syntheticpaper?

▪ white, opaque ▪ heat-resistant, laser-printable ▪ made of BOPET ▪ tear-resistant ▪ water-resistant, weather-resistant ▪ no yellowing (UV-stable) ▪ excellent toner adhesion ▪ no lamination necessary ▪ ideal for outdoor use

Which printer can be used to print on the synthetic paper?

Our synthetic paper is suitable for almost all toner-based copiers and laser printers.