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Mounting film

Mounting for offset, screen or flexo printing

All our optimont® mounting films are made of heat-resistant BOPET (biaxially oriented PET).

The product optimont® MF-AS/AC has in its crystal clear version a printable as well as an antistatic side. In addition to the microrough surface, our film has an excellent flatness and is therefore ideally suited for mounting in offset printing, screen printing, flexo printing.

With our extensive portfolio of the products optimont® MF-SC as well as optimont® MF-MW we can cover every need/demand for a carrier film for flexo printing.


optimont® MF-AS/AC

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optimont® MF-SC + optimont® MF-MW

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Product Description Examples of use Delivery form Strength (µm)
optimont® MF-AS/AC

PET film biaxially oriented, crystal-clear, antistatic,printable, dimensionally stable, heat and tear resistant

Technical data sheet
Mounting for offset, screen or flexo printing (also as carrier film) Schmalrollen
100, 125, 175
optimont® MF-SC

PET film biaxially oriented, semi-clear, dimensionally stable, heat and tear resistant

Technical data sheet
Carrier film flexo printing, industrial applications Schmalrollen
250, 300, 350
optimont® MF-MW

PET film biaxially oriented, milky white, dimensionally stable, heat resistant,
tear-resistant, waterproof

Technical data sheet
Carrier film flexo printing, industrial applications Schmalrollen
125, 175, 190, 250, 300, 350, 500

Applications and specifications for optimont® MF-AS/AC

Under normal conditions (20° Cel. / 50-60 % RF) optimont® mounting films are absolutely dimensionally stable. The special coating prevents static charging, the microrough surface ensures perfect flatness and reduces the processing time in the copying frame. A pre-treatment of the mounting film is not necessary, so that a safe and economic working is guaranteed. When stored in the dark in a suitable manner, the films have an almost unlimited shelf life.

Our optimont® mounting foils are partly on stock as standard formats according to the printing plate formats of common machines:

210 x 297 mm - DIN A4 297 x 420 mm - DIN A3 370 x 450 mm 400 x 510 mm 459 x 525 mm 550 x 650 mm 605 x 740 mm 615 x 724 mm 700 x 1000 mm 770 x 1030 mm

We manufacture special formats according to customer requirements.

Standard formats are packed with interleaving paper of 100 sheets in the box. Special packaging is possible by arrangement.


In which areas can the mounting film be used?

All our mounting films can be used in the pre-press stage of screen, flexo and offset printing.

How do you work with mounting films?

Mounting foils are used as carrier foil e.g. in offset printing for the printing plate copy for fitting and fixing the copy templates. Placed over a millimetre film, the individual films can be mounted precisely on the mounting film.

What is the special antistatic coating of the mounting film for?

The special coating provides dust and dirt repellent properties. These are particularly important properties for film mounting, so that no hollow copies occur in further processing.

What does antistatic mean?

The films specially coated for toner contain an additive in the coating which prevents the electrical charging of the films or better dissipates it. This makes it easier to process the films from the stack without blocking.

What is the difference between crystal clear, semi-clear and milky white?

Crystal clear film types are preferably used in screen printing and offset applications. SC and MW films are used as carrier films for clichés in flexo assembly.