Saving on resources – doing business in a sustainable way

How we achieve this:

From waste to raw material: When we cut our films, segments remain that our captured by our powerful exhaust systems. We deliver this pure and sorted material to the textile industry, which in turn uses it as a valuable raw material for further processing.

Economical machines: Our machines are equipped with energy-efficient servomotors, which require significantly less energy than conventional drives.

Solar energy from the roof: Our photovoltaic system produces 10% of the electricity that our machines use.

Environmentally friendly vehicles: We work with a logistics company that deploys only Bluetec diesel vehicles. Bluetec is an exhaust-gas cleaning system that reduces emissions and, most importantly, reduces the amount of harmful nitrogen oxides that are created.

Responsible use of chemicals: In working with chemical substances, we conscientiously implement the stringent requirements of the so-called REACH regulation of the European Union.

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