Bleher Folientechnik – Optimont Art

optimont® Art

Artists turn our optimont® films into spectacular works. They produce optimont® art. We are delighted to support artists' work by giving them pieces leftover from our production. The following projects have been created in this way – and we're proud of them:

Claudia Karweick: Verortungen (Locations)

Claudia Karweick, a Dortmund-based artist, used a one-week stay in summer 2019 at theArToll Kunstlabor in Bedburg-Hau to create large-format works of up to 150 x 330 cm on translucent, matte-coated optimont® drawing film.

She calls this cycle „Locations“. The black and white pictures, designed with graphite, partly remind you of blueprints or maps. On them are prominent points which are connected by a fine „road network“. On another large format, objects resembling sticks or branches appear to be entangled in an explosive confrontation. The milky, transparent film background gives these pictures a unique weightlessness and forms an exciting juxtaposition to the locations theme.

„It is wonderful to work artistically with optimont® drawing film!“, says Claudia Karweick, member of the Bochum Artist Association bkb and the Westphalian Artists Association Dortmund (WKD).


Daniela Werth: Fundstücke (Discovered Objects)

She went looking to catch insects, and then studied what she found very precisely. The result: huge gnats and schneiders made of ink, coffee and binding agent on translucent optimont® drawing film.

Bochum artist Daniela Werth, a member in the Bochum Artists Association bkb as well as the Female Artists Association (GEDOK) in Wuppertal, created her discovered objects series in the summer of 2019 at the ArToll Kunstlabor in Bedburg-Hau. From black lines and moving brown surfaces, she created exciting graphic „landscapes“, that only reveal their animal sujet when you look more closely. The slightly transparent background emphasizes the ethereal nature of the flyweights. And in addition to the earthy brown color (an unusual color for the airy wings), the background symbolizes the morbid condition of the insects: from the decay, the bizarre, mummified forms and gestures reveal a new aesthetic fascination.


group super+: The flight of the phoenix

Group super+, a Munich artistic trio consisting of sculptor Alexander Deubl, painter Christian Muscheid, and product designer / interior architect Konstantin Landuris, put on a truly unique and surprising performance. They made their dynamic sculpture, made of silver, luminous, wafer-thin optimont® reflective film, fly in the air three times – in Munich, Paris and on Mauritius. The enormous, shiny phoenix moves like quicksilver in the air while producing the sound of a thunderous waterfall. The artistic team captured everything on film – impressive!


Nikolaus Koliusis: Transparency

The effects of light play a crucial role in the work of Stuttgart artist Nikolaus Koliusis. „It's all about light, about colors, about shadows, and about watching and seeing through things. It's about what's in front and what's behind — from an agreed-upon transparency and the overlaps that result from all this,“ says the artist. To achieve these effects, Koliusis uses optimont® films. He fixes them directly to the wall, lets them protrude into a room, plays with their lightness, with their fine color nuances, and with their shimmering and reflective effects. The photos are from an exhibition at the Foundation for Concrete Art in Reutlingen (Germany) in 2011/2012.