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optimont® – fascinating film

Fast delivery in thicknesses of 7–500 microns, crystal-clear transparent, opaque or reflective. Each polyester film is unique. We offer this versatile material in many different forms of appearance for almost indefinite uses — so you can find and use the film that meets your needs. It's that simple!

You can rely on Bleher film technology.
Our name stands for:

  • excellent advice
  • precisely cut films
  • customized production
  • high quality of film at all times
  • high availability and fast delivery

Simply film – simply optimont®.

optimont®-film: the right solution for your application

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The fascinating world of films

„Films fascinate me“, says CEO Hans Bleher in the Bleher image film. „And that fascination is shared by my employees. My mission is to be successful together with this terrific and highly qualified team.“

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optimont® Art with the wow effect

Art made of film – it's amazing what artists can create with optimont® films. Reflective film can be transformed into a flying phoenix, transparent film can become an exciting wall decoration, and opaque films can lend pictures a translucent lightness. Get inspired!

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