Cellophane films

Transparent cellophane is indispensable as a plastic-free packaging material in the environmentally conscious household. Aesthetic due to its crystal-clear appearance, tasteless and environmentally friendly at the same time. These aspects are currently causing traditional cellophane to make a comeback.

PureNature Cellophane bags, pouches and films are plastic-free, food-safe and biodegradable. After use, the uncoated cellophane is compostable, a valuable contribution to plastic-free living.

Cellophane was invented in France in 1908. Transparent and relatively tear-resistant, the material is suitable for packaging food and consumer goods. The Swiss Jaques Brandenberger called the crystal-clear cellophane film Cellophan. This original brand name was chosen in reference to the original material cellulose. Until the 1950s, regenerated cellulose film was the number one transparent packaging film. In later years, various more environmentally problematic plastic films came onto the market, which degrade only slowly in the ecosystem.

This is in stark contrast to pure, sustainably produced cellophane, which is biodegradable and compostable.

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