PA / Polyamide

Cast polyamide film PA 6 is used, usually in combination with PE or other polymers, for flexible and thermoformable multilayer films. In the multilayer composite, the PA layer takes on the function of a gas and aroma barrier and gives the composite deep-drawability and mechanical strength.

The main areas of application are vacuum packaging of foodstuffs such as meat, sausage and cheese. In addition, these films are increasingly used in the non-food sector. In the chemical-technical sector, there are interesting applications for PA or PA/PE composite films due to their special property profiles, e.g. release films for SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) prepregs and roofing underlay films.

Other application examples are: for vacuum packed chemicals, inliners for fibre drums, technical articles that need to be protected against corrosion. Characteristics: High water absorption, very good aroma and grease density, very good resistance to organic chemicals, very good heat and cold resistance. Stretched polyamide films have the highest tensile strength of all plastic films, very high toughness, very low cold flow, highest abrasion resistance of all plastic films, very narrow welding temperature range, excellent thermoformability, high transparency. Polyamide films are produced on chill-roll lines or as coex films by blow moulding. Polyamide films can be stretched mono- or biaxially.

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